HIV is a very common sexually-transmitted disease today that has afflicted several millions of people on the planet. It has been documented to infect men, women, kids, and adults. Every year, more and more people are recorded to have contracted this disease, so it is important that we find a way to stop it or control it.

How is HIV transmitted?

There are different ways to transmit HIV. The following are some of the most common ways:

1. Through sex. People who engage in sexual intercourse with an HIV-positive individual is at risk of contracting the disease. Therefore, it is important that everyone use protection when having sex, especially with multiple people or with a new partner.

2. Through blood transfusion. This is a very rare event, but HIV can be contracted if you happen to be given an HIV-positive blood. Some time ago, there were allegedly a few cases of HIV-infected blood being transfused to patients unknowingly. So, always be careful if you need to undergo a blood transfusion.

3. Mother to the baby. HIV-positive women are putting their babies' lives at risk if they fail to get HIV treatment at the earliest opportunity. Therefore, they should see a doctor right away so as to receive antiretroviral treatment to minimize the chances of passing the virus on their babies.

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