The public is familiar with the presence of numerous varieties of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. They have possibly heard about them on the news bulletin, read about them on papers and science textbooks, or came upon them in their health courses.

Syphilis is known as one of these widespread STDs that we have been notified about. It is a difficulty that could persist all our existence. It has plenty of adverse effects on the body and it may well lead to far more critical illnesses if left undiagnosed and neglected.

Initial stages of infection

People that get contaminated with syphilis might not observe signs and symptoms until after some time, even after a couple years. The frequent indications of someone in the early stage of the malady will demonstrate at least one sore that is pain-free, firm, and tiny. The sore can clear up by itself, and this is the main reason why the majority does not understand that they have syphilis in the beginning.

Second stage

The sufferer arrives at the second stage, and one more time, rashes run along the body, coupled with a sore throat, fever, muscle ache, throbbing headache, premature hair loss, genital lumps, enlargement of lymph nodes, soreness of the glands, and exhaustion. All of these signs will go away and mend on their own, similar to the first stage warning signs. Nonetheless, the negative thing about that simple fact is that again, the affected person is left to believe that he or she is ok and there is absolutely nothing to be worried about his or overall health.

In case the infection is still undiagnosed and without treatment after the second stage, the illness will turn into more severe issues that are far harmful and devastating. The late stage of syphilis consists of the more vital internal organs of the body including the liver, brain, bones, nerves, and joints. A man or woman who is encountering this syphilis stage will encounter membrane inflammation, numbness, dementia, paralysis, stroke, poor muscle coordination, and loss of eyesight. He or she may ultimately die from all these troubles if the correct medication and health treatments are not presented to him or her right away.

An individual afflicted with syphilis need to go through diagnostic tests to identify the occurrence of the sickness. In most cases, a medical doctor will look at the sores to confirm the type of STD that the sufferer has. A blood sample will also be utilized so that the occurrence of syphilis antibodies can be identified. This test offers precise results and is safeguarded and inexpensive. In the beginning, there may be an option of not having the ability to pick up the antibodies, but it is highly requested to take a few more blood tests for verification and guarantee.