Caused by the Hepatitis C virus, Hepatitis C is a common hepatitis disease and sexually-transmitted diseaes that can strike males, females, young, adults.

Similar to other hepatitis infections, Hepatitis C comes with various complications. People who are undergoing dialysis of the kidney are prone to acquiring this type of hepatitis. 


Those with work in the medical fieldare are exposed to blood or handle blood work are also at risk of this type of infection. 

People who have or have had unprotected sex with infected partners are vulnerable to catch Hepatitis C. 

Sharing of needles, syringes, injections, and other paraphernalia used by drug addicts, tattoo enthusiasts, and acupuncture treatments makes anyone in danger of Hepatitis C and other diseases.

Receiving blood or organs from donors with Hepatitis C makes anyone in danger of contracting the disease. 

Also, sharing of personal and hygiene stuff like toothbrushes and razors are also risk factors. Hepatitis C transmission from a pregnant female to her baby is also possible.

So, get a Hepatitis C as early as you can to be able to detect and diagnose the disease and get treated for it right away.