Rapid STD test kits are tools that are designed to diagnose different kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases or STDs. They have become a very popular method of STD testing due to the many benefits they can offer.
Nowadays, there are several types of rapid STD test kits available. If you would like to know what they are, read further and learn.
rapid HIV test kits - These rapid HIV test kits are created to diagnose HIV in a person. They require a blood/plasma/serum sample from a patient to be analyzed. They usually take around 15 minutes to deliver a highly accurate test result.
rapid syphilis test kits - These rapid syphilis test kits can help diagnose syphilis in a person. You just have to provide a fluid sample that will be examined so as to detect the syphilis bacteria in a person's system.
rapid gonorrhea test kits - People who are afraid that they might have contracted gonorrhea are advised to use rapid gonorrhea test kits to know whether they are positive with gonorrhea or not. These test kits require a fluid sample from the patient and can deliver test results in just 15 minutes.
rapid Chlamydia test kits - Chlamydia is among the most widespread STDs today so it is imperative that people get tested for it using rapid Chlamydia test kits. These tools have been certified by medical experts to diagnose Chlamydia accurately in just 15 minutes.
Other rapid STD test kits available are for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.