With the prevalence of different kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases today, it only makes sense that there are also many kinds of rapid STD test kits being introduced to help deal with these infections.

Types of Rapid test kits

The following are examples of rapid STD test kits that people can buy today to diagnose their STDs.

rapid HIV test kits - These things are specially designed to detect the Human Immunodeficiency Virus via a person's plasma/serum/blood sample. They can provide 99% accurate test results after only 15 minutes.

rapid gonorrhea test kits - These test kits require a person's urine or swab sample to provide a highly accurate test results in just 15 minutes. They have been certified by laboratories around the world, so rest assured that they are safe to use.

rapid chlamydia test kits - They have also been tested and proven to provide highly accurate clinical results in a very short time period. They are safe and very easy to use, so anyone can conduct the test on his or her own.

rapid syphilis test kits - They are designed to detect the syphilis antibodies present in a person's blood/serum/plasma sample. They provide 99% accurate test results after just 15 minutes.