Tertiary syphilis is the last stage of the syphilis infection. It kicks in if a person who has contracted syphilis fails to get treated. It might begin even several years after initial exposure to the syphilis bacteria.

Symptoms of Tertiary Syphilis

A person who has tertiary syphilis is likely to manifest the following symptoms:

- paralysis

- heart diseases

- skin rashes

- coordination loss

- blindness

- deafness

- numbness

- stroke

These are all very serious conditions, and anyone who exhibits them should go see a doctor right away. If things get worse, you can suffer from more severe complications that can strike the important bodily organs.

So, get tested for syphilis at the earliest opportunity so that the disease can be diagnosed before it does a lot of harm and damage to the body. Use a rapid syphilis test kit with STD Rapid Test Kits for fast and accurate syphilis testing.