There are several ways to get tested for HIV. The options are the following:

  • Get tested at a local clinic or HIV/AIDS center in your area
  • Get tested using an HIV home test kit


The first option, which is to get tested at a nearby HIV/AIDS clinic, is probably the more traditional way of screening for HIV. This type of medical facility has numerous testing equipment that will enable an effective examination of a patient’s condition to get an accurate result. You can check online for HIV/AIDS clinics in your community so that you can schedule an HIV testing immediately.

HIV home test kit

The second option, which is to get tested using an HIV home test kit was introduced not too long ago when some people realized that testing for HIV in public medical facilities are not for them. You see, having HIV or AIDS is not a good thing. The society has attached a negative image to people who are suffering from this disease. Many people do not want other people to know that they are suffering from this disease, so they prefer to get tested in a more confidential manner.

HIV home test kits are able to provide patients with the privacy that they need during this time. These products are approved by the rightful medical organizations, and they have been proven to provide reliable results. According to statistics, HIV home test kits have less than one percent chance of giving out false positive results. Because of this fact, many people who want to get tested for HIV prefer using home HIV test kits.

You can also buy these FDA-approved HIV tests over the counter, and they cost around 50 bucks. They are not as expensive as undergoing an HIV test in a clinic, so many people choose this over the other.

If you seek help immediately, you can avoid other severe complications that HIV brings about. Consult a doctor if you want to know more about HIV. Awareness and knowing the right information about this disease are essential so that you can make sound decisions as you go through this illness.