Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infectious disease transmitted from person to a person through sexual intercourse and other sexual activities. Chlamydia is definitely the most common sexually transmitted infectious disease in the USA. The statistics say that more than two million people get infected each year, 5% of which are adults. Sexual education is nowhere to be seen, and yet, it is a necessity in today’s modern society, especially among the teenage population. 

Who Gets Infected Most with Chlamydia?

Young adults and teenagers get infected with chlamydia the most nowadays. Most range from age 24 and younger in these statistics. Adult population takes around 5% of the whole statistics of people getting infected with chlamydia, while around 10% of female population easily gets infected by this common sexually transmitted disease. On the other hand, people living in urban areas, poor people also get infected with chlamydia, because of the lack of education available on this topic of sexually transmitted infectious diseases. People with low economic status are simply not aware that by educating themselves about this topic could help save lives in terms of leading a healthy life without being ill all the time, and their quality of life would be much higher if they knew certain facts about sexually transmitted diseases and infections. 

Why Do We Get Infected with Chlamydia?

The answer is pretty simple. It is our own lack of knowledge about this infection and the fear of not knowing whether one is infected or not, puts us down and we lose the interest in helping ourselves and our new younger generations in this case of a sexually transmitted infection, because we are afraid that it is going to happen anyway, especially if we mention it to our kinds. Chlamydia is also one of those dangerous and silent infections that are caused by a certain bacteria. It is also spread through vaginal, oral and anal sexual relations between people, practicing unsafe sex. The fact that even today we have people who do not stop to think about safe sex and the consequences of not using protection, especially if you are having multiple sexual partners, is something to worry about nowadays. Chlamydia can also be transmitt4ed from a mother to a child, during pregnancy, which can in return also cause pneumonia and other serious problems for the newly born child, including the poor immunity system, which is essential for health.

Also, it is good to know that the symptoms of chlamydia depend largely on the gender of a person, because it manifests itself differently in men and women, and the symptoms are usually very hard to notice, at least for the first two or three weeks of being infected with this sexually transmitted infection. Therefore, it is good to know some essential facts concerning this and other sexually transmitted infections, as this could change your quality of living for the better, and you would be happier as a healthy, carefree person who can enjoy their lives.