With several millions of people victimized, HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a huge threat to the society. It is a disease caused by a virus that can easily be spread and transmitted. It can infect men, women, children, and adults.

Creating Awareness

If you want to protect yourself against HIV, you should educate yourself and have enough information on what this virus can do. It is important that you are proactive in learning what it really is and the dangers it can cause.

Health workers urge everyone to get tested for HIV at least once a year. They want people to realize that HIV is not a minor disease that can easily be cured. They warn everyone to observe the proper precautions to not put themselves in risky situations.

 What puts people at risk of HIV infection

People could be at higher risk of contracting HIV if:

  • They are having unprotected sex with someone who has HIV.
  • They have multiple sex partners.They engage in homosexual sex with other men.
  • They share needles/syringes when injecting drugs.
  • They use contaminated needles or ink when getting tattoos.
  • They work in the medical field and get exposed to blood all the time.
  • They received blood or an organ that carries the virus.

If you are one of those people mentioned above, you need to get an HIV test as soon as possible so as to diagnose the disease right away.