The term STD refers to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, whereas STIs stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. And lastly VDs that refers to Venereal Diseases. All these terms are the same kind of diseases and the main source by which they are passed on and infected is through sexual contact.  The common record of well-known STDs, their symptoms and some of the major facts about them are as follows:



  • It is an infectious disease that is spread by Bacteria. This type of STD is one of the most common among all STDs everywhere. It is raising very rapidly all around the world.
  • 80% men and 20% women are infected with Chlamydia.
  • When a person is infected with Chlamydia firstly no symptoms have seen in many cases. But, if the infected person has felt any symptoms then there would be a blazing awareness during urination that is extremely painful. The other symptoms that are also felt sometimes is an abnormal discharge that is coming out from the genitals.
  • It can be usually transmitted during oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  • If a woman is suffering from Chlamydia then she has to face very severe potential difficulties. These difficulties consist of childlessness and maybe ectopic pregnancy.
  • Chlamydia can be easily treated if it is detected in time otherwise it can cause other complication.


  • It is actually a venereal disease concerning inciting discharge from vagina and urethra. It is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium.
  • It can cause infection in genital, throat and rectum. It is very widespread infection particularly among young people of age 15-24.
  • There are the majority of women who are infected with gonorrhea and didn’t have any symptoms and as a result, they also infect others.
  • If any kind of symptoms can be present then it is generally a pain in urination.
  • The potential serious complications of this STD are infertility, Peri hepatitis,  ectopic pregnancy and even death 
  • The method that is mainly preferred for the treatment of this disease is antibiotics, on the other hand, many damages are a quick developing confrontation.

Genital Herpes

  • It is an incredibly widespread type of STD. Because it frequently occurs that is why it has a strong significance in accepted civilization and has frequently been the focus of satire. 
  • The main symptom of this disease is recurrent swelling and aching, particularly in the genital area.
  • The treatment that is used for this disease can lessen the epidemic and their harshness but does not actually remove them.
  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is the deadly byproduct of the virus. The virus itself attacks the immune system leaving the victim helpless against even the most minor illnesses.
  • There is no proper cure for AIDS but by taking many medicines which can lessen its growth and make it unrelieved and manageable.


  • It is an extremely infectious disease which is caused by anal and oral sex.
  • It is said to be an extremely worst disease that can even be threatening to life.
  • It can be caused by simple kissing or close bodily contact with the person.
  • The symptoms of this disease are fever, fatigue, weight loss, headache, enlarged lymph nodes and many others.
  • This can be treated by using antibiotics. Penicillin is very effective for treating syphilis.