Are you aware of how common and widespread sexually-transmitted diseases or infections are today? If you are not, then it is time to educate yourself!

Nowadays, there are a couple of different types of STDs that are in existence. They are caused by different microorganisms, and they can trigger all sorts of harm and danger to the human body.

STDs, in the early stages, may not trigger visible symptoms right away. In fact, some people continue living their lives without realizing that they have been infected with an STD for so many years. As a result of that, they end up finding out that they are infected only when their health suddenly fails and declines.

Complications due to STDs

STDs can bring about mild to very severe injuries. Some can cause headaches, fever, exhaustion, dizziness, and appetite loss. Others can bring about stomach pains, migraines, hair loss, sores, and lesions.

If not diagnosed as soon as possible, STDs can progress onto something serious that can result to damaged organs. They can affect the lungs, heart, brain, and liver. If an infected person does not get treatment right away, he or she can die from the complications these STDs can bring.

Get tested regularly

So, medical experts warn everyone to be vigilant and get tested for STDs on a regular basis to be able to detect the infection at the earliest opportunity. Early testing can open up a chance for the infection to be treated as soon as possible so any severe health problems can be avoided.