There are a number of tests that are used for testing Syphilis. These tests are helpful for detecting Syphilis in your body among these tests; the antibodies test is very frequently used.  These tests are conducted to check the presence of bacteria in the body that is actually the reason for Syphilis infection. The antibodies tests are conducted just to determine unfamiliar antibodies that can originate in the blood. We frequently use these types of tests as there are two major editions of these tests that are associated and according to the results that we get after the one version of the test, syphilis can be correctly identified if we use the other in combination with the first one test.  With the help of these techniques, the doctor can get the best result as well as can easily detect Syphilis in your body. 


Versions for Testing Antibody 

The two different versions that are used for testing Syphilis are used in the combination with each other and as a result, give the best tests outcome. These tests are as follows:

  • Treponemal:  In these types of tests Syphilis can easily be detected. These tests are very commonly used for the detection of Syphilis. These tests are also very useful for discovering bacteria that is causing the disease. When you get infected with Syphilis or I say when it enters in your body it generates the unusual antibodies which reside in your bloodstream for your whole life. If the result of this is positive then after that we follow another test that we will discuss later on for the purpose of differentiating from a treated infection and a syphilis infection that is at present reside in your body. Some of these tests include FTA-ABS, which is executed when a person is exposed that he had Syphilis for over three weeks or is just going to get infected with it. On the other hand, TP-PA can be used on an instance just to alternate the FTA-ABS test which is capable of giving the more accurate result. There are many other types of these tests but they are not in use that often anymore to detect syphilis in your body.
  • Nontreponemal; Clearly, from the name of the test we come to know that it is the exact opposite of the treponemal test.  This test is helpful in discovering those antibodies that are not straightly associated with Syphilis. But they live in the body, only under unusual circumstances that are the syphilis ones.  When we conduct this test it not only detects the antibodies of Syphilis but also many other serious diseases as well.  For these reasons this test is used in combination with the treponemal test, just to get more accurate results regarding the occurrence of syphilis in your body. The tests that are included in them are RPR which is helpful for getting the better sight in the treatment of syphilis and the other one is VDRL which is usually conducted to identify neuro-syphilis by means of a cerebrospinal fluid.

Further Information Regarding Syphilis Revealing Tests

If you have any doubt that you may get infected with Syphilis and all that you wanted to do is to conduct a test then you should first pay attention to the symptoms regarding Syphilis that in a case if you are presently concerned in one more treatment-related with the sexually transmitted disease. If you are pregnant, if you are a man and has insecure sex with some other men it’s mean that the chances of getting infected with Syphilis increases. You should discuss with your doctor to detect from where to get tested for syphilis.