Herpes is a very common viral infection that is brought about by the herpes simplex virus or HSV. It has two types:

HSV Type 1 - herpes that affects the mouth; also known as oral herpes

HSV Type 2 - genital herpes

Engaging in unprotected sex and/or kissing someone with herpes can get you infected.

To know if you have contracted this STD, you must watch out for the following symptoms:

- fever
- appetite loss
- itchiness in areas where blisters have appeared
- blisters on the genitals, butt, gums, tongue, lips, anus, things
- lower back aches
- swollen lumph nodes
- exhaustion

Once these symptoms arise, you have to get tested for herpes to confirm the infection. If you receive a positive test result, consult a doctor to know what the best treatment solution is available for you. This should be done at the earliest chance to avoid any serious complications from developing and not spread the disease to other people.