Sexually transmitted diseases are quite common among men between the ages of 15 and 30. The primary reason for this is unprotected sex. Therefore, the importance of using condoms when having sex should be emphasized again and again.

There are many types of STDs very common these days, and while most of them have similar symptoms, some trigger different ones as well. Here are what you should expect:





Gonorrhea is caused by bacteria and it can affect a person’s urethra, throat, or anus. Any male who engages in oral, anal, or vaginal sex with someone who has the gonorrhea infection is also very likely to get the disease.

The majority of male gonorrhea patients do not manifest any sign or symptom, but when they do, here are some examples:

  • - inflamed testicles
  • - unusually-colored discharge from the penis
  • - pain when urinating


Chlamydia is another STD caused by bacteria. It is one of the most widespread STDs in the United States. Symptoms usually pop up after a number of weeks from first exposure. Here they are:

- odd discharge from the penis

- inflamed testicles

- pain when urinating