Research has shown that the number of people today affected by HIV has constantly risen over time. In the country alone, it is said that almost half a million people are affected by the virus.

Research geared towards HIV

HIV is among the fastest-spreading ailments nowadays, and people should know how not to acquire it. Medical investigations have presented a variety of solutions to diagnose HIV. Many of these techniques necessitate cutting-edge, technological innovation that costs a ton of money. Others happen to be more on the more convenient side of things, making it possible for anyone to conduct the test and secure the results back in a much shorter interval.

HIV rapid testing

HIV Rapid Testing is an HIV testing technique that a lot of people favor. In Rapid HIV testing, it is possible to identify whether he or she is HIV positive or negative within an hour, versus the other strategies that may take on one or more week. There are basically two leading types of rapid tests, and they are the blood HIV rapid test and the oral HIV rapid test. The former needs a tiny bit of blood sample from the affected person for analysis, while the latter is suggested for people who are fearful of needles as it only requires an oral mucosa or saliva sample. Although HIV rapid testing gives many advantages, there are folks that are very doubtful about its exactness and precision. The skepticism derives from the fact that it takes merely 20 to 30 minutes to produce a result from these rapid tests.

It should be known that a rapid HIV test functions by locating traces of HIV antibodies in the immune system. It does not diagnose HIV by looking for the actual virus. It has been established by health specialists to deliver the results that are as exact as the pricier method known as ELISA. It is almost a hundred percent accurate and very seldom does it release false positives.

These days, if you need a second or a third opinion after going through a rapid test, you could just take another rapid test or choose to use the others like the Western Blot or Elisa that takes advantage of a number of modern instruments and devices.

HIV testing is offered in numerous hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. It is not necessary to have second thoughts on the subject of protecting our health. Get tested instantly so that you can get the appropriate medical attention if ever you test positive for HIV.