Chlamydia needs between one and three weeks to incubate, which implies the initial warning signs will only turn up after this time period lapses. Females and males find various sets of warning signs of Chlamydia. Read further to know what they are and how distinct they are from each other.

Symptoms in women

A female Chlamydia sufferer will get nausea, together with pains in the lower mid-section. The vagina will begin to smell unpleasant, and unusual, milky vaginal discharge that seems like mucus will also arise. Pain whenever urinating and sex will also take place. She will get abnormal menstrual periods. People that had oral sex with another afflicted human being will have a sore throat or other sorts of type of throat infection. If not handled at once, the indicators will become critical complications including pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, miscarriage, cervicitis, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, and salpingitis.

 Symptoms in men

On the other hand, reports point out almost fifty million guys on earth are afflicted with Chlamydia. Here are the warning signs that they need to be cautious about:

  1. A male sufferer will feel a blazing painful sensation during urination. He will have weird discharges being released from his penis. Be wary of stains in the underwear for this. Moreover, tenderness of the testicles is an indication of Chlamydia in its first stage.
  2. Those people that performed anal sex with another afflicted human will have problems with inflammation in the rectal part. The patient will undergo pain and some burning sensation and will have light bleeding and discharge. People that involved in oral sex might get a sore throat.


After you observe one of the warning signs presenting itself to you, it is encouraged that you visit your doctor. At the start, these medical doctors will prescribe you with antibiotics you need to take for some time. You will be advised to abstain in order to not spread the ailment around. Have your sexual companion tested also so that he or she will also acquire treatment while the illness is still not really that terrible?

The utilization of protection when having intercourse performs a critical function in the expansion of STDs. We must be aware of that and educate ourselves so as not to risk our and other people’s body.