If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, your doctors would have prescribed you with the best treatment plan to manage your disease.

Interferon and Ribavirin

In many cases, interferon is given to Hepatitis C patients. It acts like a body protein that battles the infection. It can be given to a patient alone, but many doctors today use it alongside ribavirin.

Ribavirin is another treatment solution for Hepatitis c, and it is always given together with Interferon to Hepatitis C patients. It should not be medicated alone since it is not going to work. 


The use of both interferon and ribavirin increases the chances of effectively fighting off the Hepatitis C virus.

Two new medications freshly approved by the FDA

About three years ago, the Food and Drug Administration introduced two new medications,  Boceprevir and Telaprevir, which are both protease inhibitors. They attack the virus so that it will stop spreading and growing. 

Just last year, another medication for Hepatitis C was introduced by the FDA, and it is the Simeprevir. It should be taken along with interferon to effectively fight off the infection.

Also, there is an0other polymerase inhibitor released last year called Sofosbuvir, which is a pill that has to be taken once a day, along with an antiviral treatment plan. It cannot be taken alone, so remember to follow doctor's prescriptions.