What are HPV and How Can I Get It?


HPV, which stands for Human Papilloma Virus, is a way to different from HIV and even herpes and the kind of positive thing about it that you can even prevent it for some time by the help of vaccinations. These viruses are of two types mainly, low-risk and the high-risk ones. In the low-risk infections, several warts are formed in the sexual body parts of the person that is suffering, and the warts are not of a particular shape or size, they may come differently.

Most of the times the high-risk viruses leads a person to have cancer. You can get a skin, throat or even a prostate illness through it. Individuals who are sexually active are going to suffer through this once in their lives. And the interesting thing is that it has no symptoms or does not even cause any other health problems.

What Are The Symptoms?

Many times you may suffer through HPV when no symptoms are present. The symptoms are just mild, and they clearly show up when you are diagnosed with the virus. Listed down are some side effects that you might feel: 

•    You may feel pain in your anus or your genitals.

•    Unusual bleeding from the penis or vagina.

•    You may deal with burning and itching around your genitals.

 Diagnosis and Treatments

Typically the vaccine is used to prevent the virus from attacking and is usually given to a person at the age of 21, but now it is recommended to give it to a person aged 11 or 12 which may protect them from both the types, high-risk and low-risk viruses that might damage your body.

 If you have warts on your sexual parts, then it is evident that HPV has made you its target. If a woman has an abnormal pap smear than she must get tested for the high-risk virus. Men are not tested for the high-risk virus.

As the most common factors of HPV are warts, it totally depends on you if you wait for them to disappear or if you talk to your doctor. It is better just to speak to your doctor so that if you are positive about it. You might get the treatment early. You can even get warts removed by many methods like laser, freezing or even putting medicines on it. 

 At once you get your moles removed, you are not totally free from it, but it may affect your partner with nearly no symptoms.

 Mothers don’t usually pass on the virus to her child, but when she is pregnant, she may develop some cervical changes which are why she must get often tested by pap smears to ensure the pregnant women’s life.

Women and men who are suffering from a high-risk virus which might lead to cancer can prevent it by skin to skin touch sex, yes it may seem strange, but this helps to prevent cancer. In this way, if a male is also suffering through it, he can get diagnosed earlier and then treated well.