We Need to Educate Participants of The Gay and Bisexual Community


Whilst I hate to be that person who defines others in a certain category I am going to have to put that aside temporarily for this article.

This is because it is more common for those who have the tendency to be either bisexual, gay or even both to become infected with the HIV virus than it is for heterosexuals. It is vital that we work to educate the people in these categories and equip them with the knowledge they need to allow them to then go out and pass on the message to their friends, which is to practice safe sex at all times so that they remain safe and infection free.

The age of social media

In today’s age with web access and social media content you would be right in thinking that most gay and bisexual men already have this knowledge of how to keep themselves safe by practising safe sex at all times, so it is actually a bit of a shock to me when I researched and found that there is still a large percentage who do not know how to go about doing this and are also very lacking in what the virus is and can develop into. This makes these people very vulnerable in my eyes and as a concerned citizen, we need to do something about this now.

Spreading the vital information to the target groups

It is essential that we, first of all, get the message across to these people that they need to be practicing safe sex first and foremost. I believe that this can be done in ways that are so simple that professionals just haven’t thought of them yet. My own personal strategy would be to target known gay and bisexual clubs and arrange for them to have access to free condoms to give to their patrons with a little leaflet making them aware that safe sex always the best sex. To then educate I would make sure that all social media and dating sites that have a large access of gay and bisexuals have the same message that safe sex is the only way in which we can keep the HIV virus at bay. We need then to look at getting people together in a group and being the education by providing the actual facts of the virus and how it can affect them as individuals if they do not put the practices into place. This could perhaps be done in health clinics, and dedicated nurses could run a special wellness clinic to get that message across further.

As well as the practicing the safe sex part of it could also look at their own personal lifestyles and try to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a diet of foods which are good for them and taking part in some kind of exercise, this would then help to keep their body healthier and would help the immune system to fight off any germs or viruses. As always though please remember to consult your health professional or doctor if you are going to undertake any drastic diet or exercise just to get advice on how to do it safely.