There are many different kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases prevalent today, and they present a variety of signs and symptoms. Some will trigger noticeable symptoms right away, while others might take some time. Thus, it is very important that people are careful every time they engage in sexual activities.

There are some common STD signs and symptoms that people need to be aware of so that they can recognize if they have been infected with these diseases. Some of them are enumerated below:

Painful urination

People who have been infected with certain STDs tend to suffer a burning sensation every time they pee. This is the effect of some irritation and infection in the urinary tract. This STD symptom can happen to both men and women.

Painful sex

Women who have been infected with STDs might suffer from infection in their vaginas, and as a result, having sex becomes painful for them. 

Odd genital discharge

Men and women who have been afflicted with STDs are at risk of having unusual types of discharge coming from their penises or vaginas. People should always examine their underwear for strange stains that could point to STDs.

It is imperative to get tested for STDs the moment these signs and symptoms manifest. Use a rapid STD screen test kit offered by STD Rapid Test kits for a fast, efficient, reliable, and accurate STD testing.