Among the many sexually-transmitted diseases that impact both males and females, old and young, is called Chlamydia. Research data say that around four million American people get afflicted with the infection each year, and the figure will continuously increase if it is left undiagnosed and with no treatment.
Chlamydia is recognized as a ‘silent disease’ since anyone who is afflicted with it may not display any kind of symptoms for a long period. Due to this fact, the infection is left uninterrupted and can easily spread around the human body, or from one individual to another. One only becomes aware he or she is ill is when the additional complications appear, and it is by now too late to work on it.

Males and females obtain various sets of signs or symptoms from Chlamydia. Read through till the end to understand how different these are.

Indications of Chlamydia in Females

Chlamydia needs between one and three weeks to incubate, which means that the initial signs or symptoms will only appear after these period lapses.

A woman Chlamydia patient will encounter nausea, along with pains in the lower abdomen section. The vagina will begin to smell unpleasant, and unusual, milky vaginal release that appears like mucus will also show up. Pain when urinating and intercourse will also take place. She will get irregular menstrual cycles.

People who performed oral sex with another infected individual will have a sore throat or some other sort of throat infection.

If you are not treated right away, the signs or symptoms will end up being severe complications like pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, miscarriage, cervicitis, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, and salpingitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Chlamydia in Males

Figures say over forty million guys in the world are afflicted with Chlamydia. Let us discuss the signs or symptoms that they must be aware of:

A male patient is going to encounter a burning painful sensation during urination. He will get unusual discharges being released from his penis. Watch out for stains in the undergarments for this. Moreover, inflammation of the testicles is an indication of Chlamydia in its initial phase.

People who participated in anal sex with another infected person is going to have problems with inflammation in the rectal region. The patient will experience pain as well as some burning sensation and will encounter blood loss and emission.

People who performed oral sex can acquire a sore throat.

The Best Way to Diagnose Chlamydia

As soon as you see any one of the symptoms materializing to you, it is recommended that you visit your personal doctor. In the beginning, these health professionals will prescribe you with anti-biotic that you must take for some time. You will be advised to abstain in order to not spread the infection around. Get your sexual partner tested too so that he or she will also be given treatment while the infection is still not really that horrible.

The utilization of protection when having sex has an important role in the spread of STDs. We must always be aware of that and inform ourselves if you wish not to jeopardize our and other people’s health and well being.