Among the many sexually-transmitted diseases that strike both men and women, both young and old, is called Chlamydia. Research data say that around four million people in America get infected with the condition each year, and the figure will consistently increase if it is undiagnosed and untreated.

Chlamydia is referred to as a ‘silent disease’ since someone who is infected with it may not display any kind of signs or symptoms for some time. For that reason, the infection is left uninterrupted and can easily spread all over the human body, or from one individual to another. A person only recognizes he or she is ill is when the complications make an appearance, and it is by now too late to take care of it.

Males and females have various sets of signs and symptoms from Chlamydia. Read further to understand how different they are.

Warning Signs Of Chlamydia In Women

Chlamydia requires between one and three weeks to incubate, which means that the initial symptoms will only appear as soon as this period lapses.

A woman Chlamydia patient will feel nauseated, coupled with pains in the lower abdomen section. The vagina will begin to smell nasty, and unusual, milky vaginal discharge that seems like mucus will also show up. Pain when urinating and intercourse will also take place. She will have abnormal menstrual intervals.

People who had oral sex with another infected individual will definitely have a sore throat or other kinds of throat infection.

If not dealt with right away, the symptoms will end up being severe complications like pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, miscarriage, cervicitis, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, and salpingitis.

Warning Signs Of Chlamydia In Men

Statistics and facts say over forty million males on the planet are infected with Chlamydia. Listed below are the symptoms that they must be aware of:

A guy patient will feel a burning pain sensation all through urination. He will have odd discharges being released from his penis. Watch out for stains in the undergarments for this. Additionally, inflammation of the testicles is an indicator of Chlamydia in its initial phase.

Individuals who had anal sex with another infected person will have problems with inflammation in the rectal region. The patient will feel aching and some burning sensation and will have blood loss and discharge.

Those that had oral sex may suffer from a sore throat.