There are several types of sexually-transmitted diseases that strike many millions of people on this planet. They are brought on by either a virus or bacteria and get spread around quickly. They are generally passed on from one person to another via sexual contact, but there are also other methods to contract it like by means of blood transfusion and sharing needles with an afflicted individual.

Information about these STDs is very important since some are somewhat hard to diagnose. Some of them share the similar signs and symptoms, and this might be quite deceptive to people who do not possess sufficient and the correct information regarding STDs.

The following are a few of the well-known STDs and a brief description of them:

HIV and AIDS - HIV and AIDS are extremely lethal diseases. Someone who has HIV may get AIDS if his or her health problem has been left undiagnosed or if his or her treatment method did not do the job. In the USA alone, over one million people are afflicted with HIV and AIDS. Both these problems are typical in other areas of the globe, particularly in those that are struggling economically.

Herpes - The most usual signs and symptoms of herpes are cold sores on the genitals or around the mouth area. When they appear in the body, it implies that you must get tested for herpes to confirm if you truly have the infection. Herpes is quite widespread and can be passed on around fast. Visit the local STD clinic and get an STD test.

Syphilis - Syphilis can affect both males and females. It does not pick its victims. It is believed to have infected popular historical icons like Napoleon Bonaparte and Christopher Columbus. A couple of the symptoms of herpes are painful urination and unusual discharge. These days, STD tests for syphilis can be found in treatment centers and clinics. There are also syphilis home test kits for people who want the simpler and quicker means.

Gonorrhea - Gonorrhea manifests symptoms like an ugly-looking release from the genitals and painful urination. Those that are afflicted with it can go through a gonorrhea test that normally entails a urine sample.

Genital Warts - These genital warts show, obviously, in the genital region. If not treated, they could result in cervical cancer for women. For this reason, it is important that females get STD tested for genital warts before they develop into something more severe.

Scabies - Scabies will begin as a reddish rash on the skin layers which ultimately results in skin cracking. To get tested for scabies, a biopsy of the contaminated skin area will be carried out. So when you see these impurities on your skin, arrange an STD exam right away before it is too late for you.