are several types of sexually-transmitted diseases that cause problems for many millions of people on the planet. These are due to either a viral strain or bacteria and get spread around extremely fast. They normally are transmitted from one individual to another by means of sexual contact, but then there are other methods to contract it like via blood transfusion and sharing sharp needles with an infected individual.

Consciousness about these STDs is extremely important since most of them are somewhat hard to diagnose. A lot of them share the exact same signs or symptoms, and this could be complicated to those who do not have sufficient and correct information regarding STDs.

The following are a number of the well-known STDs and a brief description of them: 


Gonorrhea displays signs and symptoms like ugly-looking discharge from the genitals and agonizing urination. Individuals who are infected with it should go through a gonorrhea test that normally needs a urine sample.


Scabies begins as a reddish rash on the skin layers which sooner or later results in skin cracking. To get tested for scabies, a biopsy of the contaminated skin will be carried out. Therefore as soon as you see these impurities on the skin, get an STD test right away before it is too late for you.


HIV and AIDS are fatal diseases. Someone who has HIV may get AIDS in the event that his or her illness has been left undiagnosed or possibly if his or her treatment method failed to work. In the USA alone, millions of people are afflicted with HIV and AIDS. Both these diseases are prevalent in other areas of the globe, specifically the ones that are struggling economically.


Syphilis strikes both males and females. It does not select its victims. It is believed to have infected well-known historical personalities, for instance, Napoleon Bonaparte and Christopher Columbus. A couple of the signs and symptoms of herpes are uncomfortable urination and unusual discharge. Nowadays, STD tests for syphilis are offered in treatment centers and hospitals. In addition, there are syphilis home test kits for people who prefer the less complicated and quicker way.

Genital Warts

These genital warts show up, obviously, in the genital area. If not treated, they could result in cervical cancer for ladies. For this reason, it is important that females get STD tested for genital warts before they move on to anything more severe.

The common signs and symptoms of herpes are cold sore areas in the genitals or perhaps around the mouth. As soon as they occur in your body, it implies that you must get tested for herpes to confirm if you certainly have the disease. Herpes is very widespread and can get spread around super fast. Head to the closest STD clinic and obtain an STD test.