HIV is an acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a viral strain that has infected numerous millions of people throughout the world. It is smaller compared to a single red blood cell, but its framework allows to it reproduce extremely fast. There are basically two kinds of HIV, and they are HIV-1 and HIV-2. Nowadays, it is the HIV-1 that assaults individuals all around the planet.

HIV Transmission

Despite earlier theories, HIV is not exclusive to gay guys. Everyone, no matter what skin color, job, educational background, gender, age, and sexual orientation is at the peril of getting afflicted with HIV.

The primary means of HIV transmission is simply by sexual intercourse, anal, vaginal, or oral. Provided that there are body fluids swapped out by means of an open wound, and so on, the virus can travel from one individual to another. A mother who has HIV and is expecting a baby can infect her infant upon childbirth, while in the womb, or when breastfeeding.

Four Stages of HIV

There are four stages of HIV and they are the following:

  1. Incubation Period – this phase can last for some days to several weeks. At this stage, an individual who has been afflicted with HIV is not going to demonstrate any noticeable signs and symptoms of the infection.
  2. Stage two – this stage is characterized by a number of physical signs or symptoms including rash breakouts, sore throat, sores in the mouth and esophagus, muscle weakness, and inflammation of the lymph nodes.
  3. Latency Period – this phase can last for some weeks too many years, varying with the effectiveness of the medical treatment used. Those who are not able to obtain medication are going to move on to the next stage considerably faster.
  4. Stage four – this is the stage when an individual with HIV evolves into someone with AIDS.

Undiagnosed and/Or Untreated HIV

Someone who has HIV but is not detected or is not going through any medication is highly likely to get additional complications or other health problems. Considering the fact that an HIV-positive individual has a weakened immune system, this individual is going to be not able to safeguard him or herself from these kinds of unknown viruses and harmful bacteria. For that reason, this individual will get weak some more until he or she dies.

What are HIV tests?

HIV tests exist to allow people to know whether or not they have HIV. There are many methods to get tested for HIV, and people should know exactly where they can acquire an HIV test to make sure when the need arrives, they are able to locate fairly easily an HIV testing center or an HIV test kit for their own personal use.