Chlamydia is amongst the most widespread sexually transmitted disease. It generally affects younger females that are in their teens. It is widely seen as a silent disease and its indicators tend to be mistaken to occur due to different medical conditions. That is the reason you should not only be knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms demonstrating but also of your current sexual pursuits.

How Chlamydia is spread

Changing sexual partners very frequently and having unprotected sex are two popular factors behind Chlamydia. Once you discover that you are already afflicted, get treated first before doing sexual activities to avert spreading the health problem. Don't stress, treatment can only endure up for a couple weeks and with a consistent intake of antibiotics as recommended, you are likely to free yourself from bacteria that set off Chlamydia.

Chlamydia picks up from the infection from bacteria which is often brought on by biological or behavioral factors. Considering the fact that an individual with Chlamydia cannot quickly see if he or she is infected, there is a larger danger is by infecting your sexual companion.

Impact on health

Individuals who are afflicted by this health problem generally have the warning sign when the infection has already gotten severe. Chlamydia can damage the reproductive organs and tends to make urination and vaginal sex distressing. A good number of people who are suffering from this health problem typically get ashamed when acquiring a checkup, which is the reason why many usually turn to doing a Chlamydia home evaluation and medical treatment. Having this executed on your own property does not only provide you with privacy and confidentiality but also comfort on your part.


For females, if you would like do the test yourself, the most convenient way of doing so is by having your own urine analyzed. However, for swab tests, a healthcare professional or a medical doctor is best suited for the responsibility given that they have to obtain a sample around the cervical spot. These types of tests can also be carried out for guys who are affected by this infection.

Be cautious when executing the tests because there are occasions when you receive a negative result despite the fact that you are infected. Precise test results usually come from those that have been performed in doctor’s office or hospitals and carried out by the professional. There is also a probability that you will get a positive result despite the fact that you are not afflicted by this sexually transmitted disease. That is the reason why it is frequently suggested that you speak with a medical professional if you think you are affected by such health issue. So do not simply neglect these kinds of signs and symptoms if you feel there are changes in your bodily charges and discomfort during urination and menstruation for females.

In case you get positive results, treatment solution can last for as long as a couple of weeks only. Ladies who have a critical Chlamydia infection usually get hospitalized for suitable medication. After acquiring the proper treatment, you still need to go through for another one or two Chlamydia testing to guarantee that you are clear from bacteria which triggered such condition.