The prevalence of sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, has always been a problem. These infections continue to afflict more and more people as each year passes, so the number of cases continues to go rise.

In the United States, STDs have been one of the top problems for many years now. Here are the top 10 US states where STDs are quite widespread based on data gathered the past year.

1. Louisiana

Around 600 every 100,000 people are infected with Chlamydia in this US state. Across the country, is ranked #2 in a number of gonorrhea cases and #3 in syphilis.

2. Mississippi

According to research, almost 800 per 100,000 people have Chlamydia. It holds the first place in gonorrhea transmissions and 11th place in syphilis transmissions in the country.

3. Georgia

It was found out the more than 500 people for every 100,000 people in the state to be infected with Chlamydia. It ranks first in syphilis transmissions and fifth in gonorrhea.

4. Alabama

More than 600 males and females per 100,000 have Chlamydia in this state. It is ranked #13 in syphilis rates and #3 in gonorrhea.