Chlamydia is among the most common sexually-transmitted diseases these days. It is caused by a bacterium that can trigger different symptoms and lead to various serious complications.

Today, it is actually known for being the number one reason for preventable infertility cases in the United States. If you want to keep yourself protected, you have learned the most fundamental info about this infection.


The majority of Chlamydia cases do not lead to symptoms. However, if signs do show up, they are:

- unusual genital discharge
- burning pain when urinating
- lower abdominal pain
- pain when having sex
- bleeding after sexual intercourse
- nausea


Testing for Chlamydia is necessary to be able to diagnose the disease accurately and find the best type of treatment solution for it.


The best treatment for Chlamydia is antibiotics. There are different kinds of antibiotic medications that a doctor may prescribe so go see a professional health worker.