There are many kinds of sexually-transmitted diseases so it means that there are also different types of STD rapid test kits that you can find today. These devices are designed to diagnose STDs in a faster and more convenient manner as compared to other STD testing methods.

People who would like to get tested for STDs should know that they can choose what particular rapid STD test kits to use for their testing.

Rapid HIV screen test kits

Rapid HIV screen test kits are designed to diagnose HIV in people. They are portable and handy, so anyone who wants to get tested for HIV should be able to conduct the test anytime, anywhere they want. Usually, these kits require a person’s blood/swab/serum/plasma sample to make a diagnosis. They typically take about 15 minutes to deliver results.

Chlamydia screen test kits

For people who are afraid they might have contracted Chlamydia, they should get a hold of a Chlamydia rapid screen test kit. These things are designed to diagnose this infection using a person’s bodily fluid sample. They can provide highly accurate test results in as fast as 15 minutes.

Syphilis rapid screen test kits

Syphilis is a very widespread STD, so it is imperative that people get tested for it at the earliest opportunity. Using syphilis rapid test kits enables people to get tested for syphilis faster and easier as compared to the other syphilis testing methods.

Hepatitis C rapid screen test kits

Hepatitis C is a very destructive infection that primarily affects the liver. To protect yourselves from it, you should get a Hepatitis C test right away so that the right kind of treatment can be administered. Hepatitis C rapid screen test kits can return highly accurate test results in just 15 minutes.