Treatments & Causes for the Sexually Transmitted Disease TrichomoniasisSo now I will guide you guys through another disease which is transmitted sexually from one person to another while having sex, the name of the illness is Trichomoniasis. This condition is also known as Trich, which as you can see is easier to write for the doctors or even to speak.

So Trich is mainly an infection that is from the parasites. As around the world, many studies are made, one states that right now around seven million people are suffering from this disease. So this is a kind of illness that does not show much of its symptoms in men, they are so very mild, and mostly this disease is detected in a man when her partner is tested positive for it, so it means indirectly that the male partner also has it. 

Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

If we talk about the symptoms of trich, many people are tested positive for it even though they don’t show any much of the symptoms that are researched, so we till now can’t say much anything about it. Now people often think that this disease is due to some parasites. So the people who are already ill and are being treated by a doctor show more symptoms than those who don’t show much of the symptoms and are physically healthy, and your body has some resistance towards it, so it the infection doesn’t spread more, and it stays kind of stable. If a male goes through trich he might suffer from the following symptoms:

•    They would get a feeling of irritation and burning after they urinate or ejaculate semen.

•    They would again feel burning, itchiness and even bumming inside of their penis. 

If elder women get infected than she might suffer through the following: Pain where the reproductive organs are placed, although this affects only a low number.

•    After having sex or urinating they may have a feeling of pain and burning in their vaginas.

•    An itchy vagina.

After a month or so you get exposed to the parasite you might feel the symptoms, but mark one thing that the symptoms will come and go they won’t stay so you just need to research about it more and get treated to get your body fully cleaned from the parasites or I must say the infection.

Test for the disease thoroughly

You must go through a type of exam of your body which will tell that which parasite is causing the infection. Even if one partner is tested clear, both the partners will be treated at the same time. Taking alcohol during the treatment might make it worst so to be on the safe side, don’t.

If you don’t treat this early or just let it stay untreated for a while, then another STD will develop in your body. If you start the treatment in pregnancy than the chances are that you might give birth to the child before the expected time.