Today I am going to have a look and discuss with you all some of the nastiest sexual intimate infections caused by having unprotected sex.

Following a collection of data in the US, it has become apparent that it is, in fact, the male population between the ages of fifteen and to twenty-four years old who are the ones who need to receive treatment for an STD infection.

The highest research data actually shows that it is Hepatitis, Aids, HIV, and Syphilis which are top of the list of sexual infections caused by having unprotected sex.


People who contract a sexual infection will often worry the most about developing HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus to give it its full medical term, could develop into Aids and as yet has no treatment to eradicate it. HIV can develop in those who have an immune system which presents as being weak or compromised in some way by another illness, so if they then come into contact with an intimate infection and continue to practice unsafe sex, and it is left untreated the inflamed genital area which contains the virus causes the spread of lesions throughout the body, drugs at present can only halt the HIV virus and not treat it. 


Having hepatitis means that your liver has become enlarged, which can be caused by a high level of intoxication, having other medical diagnosis or using banned drugs. Hepatitis A and B can be successfully treated by having a course of the actual virus to build up immunity. The most common way of it being contracted along with the B strain is by using dirty or shared needles or by those who work in the care industry and do not use the protective gloves and aprons in the correct way when dealing with contaminated fluids from a person they are looking after. All care staff is advised to have a hepatitis B injection before taking on this area of employment. If left without any treatment the infections can cause problems with your liver and at times death.


Syphilis is by far the most horrendous intimate infection to suffer from as it has no apparent outgoing symptoms and is most often not picked up on until it has been present in a person for quite some time, and this is the reason why I recommend regular sexual health check-ups for everyone who is in an active relationship. Syphilis can primarily develop from a virus which is present and if left untreated then develop into a bacterium and spread itself into your body by having sexual contact. It can also be found in babies who are born to infected mothers as it can be passed on through genes whilst they develop in the womb. Although this infection is fatal if left untreated, numbers are low for those thought to be infected by it.

As always my advice is to practice safe sex by using condoms, and have regular sexual health checks before you decide to ditch the condoms.