Do you know what HIV is? It is a sexually-transmitted disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It has infected millions of men and women around the world and continues to find more victims who do not know how they can protect themselves.

How is HIV transmitted?

If you want to avoid getting the HIV infection, you have to be familiar with how it is usually transmitted so that you can avoid putting yourself in those risky circumstances. Here are the most common ways to transmit HIV:


If you engage in sexual contact with someone who has the HIV infection, you are likely to contract the disease. Whether you have anal, oral, or vaginal sex, you are putting yourself in grave danger if you engage in this sexual activity.

Mother to child

Pregnant women who are positive with HIV can pass the infection on to their baby. So, they should undergo HIV testing early on to be able to receive the proper treatment to prevent transmitting the disease to their infants.


Sharing of used needles or syringes can increase the chances of you getting HIV, as well as other STDs. So, refrain from doing this and be smart.

With the prevalence of HIV, it is a must that people always be alert and vigilant. Use protection when having sex and try to stick to one partner. Do not share used needles and other paraphernalia. Make smarter decisions.

Testing for HIV can be done conveniently and easily with the use of rapid HIV test kits.