The Human Immunodeficiency Virus has already stricken so many people all over the world. It is known to weaken the immune system and cause various complications. Because of its extremely harmful nature, it is very wise to learn more about it --- how it is transmitted, how it is diagnosed, and so on.

How HIV is transmitted

First up, let us look at the different ways how HIV is transmitted from a person to another.

  • HIV can be passed on from an HIV-infected woman to her infant.
  • HIV can be transmitted by sharing of needles and other paraphernalia with an HIV sufferer.
  • Sexual intercourse with an HIV-infected individual can also put anyone at risk of getting the infection.
  • Transfusion of HIV-contaminated blood may also make someone HIV positive.

Why is it necessary to go through HIV screening? 

HIV screening plays an important role here. If a person goes through HIV screening, he or she can know whether the HIV has already hit his or her immune system. Sometimes, there are no immediate symptoms that arise after being infected with HIV. But, if the body’s immune system has already produced enough antibodies to fight off the virus, HIV screening can detect those and generate a positive test result.

Today, there are numerous ways of HIV screening. Two of the widely-used is named the Western Blot Tests and the ELISA. They are diagnostic operations that medical experts have been making use of for years now, and they are actually correct and accurate when spotting HIV. Both may require a blood sample of the sufferer to evaluate if there are HIV antibodies that exist. It is a very typical procedure worldwide and is commonly recommended.

There is another efficient HIV screening method that many medical experts use today and it is named the Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay, often known as RIPA. It makes use of a truly effective equipment to diagnose someone. Only skilled lab technicians are allowed to conduct the test. It is quite and will need a little while to generate test results.

There is also an HIV screening method called the Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay and is very common since it is more affordable when compared to the other testing strategies. It also requires a patient’s blood sample in order to diagnose HIV.

People can also look at HIV rapid test kits which have become very popular over the years because of their affordability and convenience. They can be ordered online and they can be used by anyone. Test results can be available in less than thirty minutes.