The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a sexually-transmitted disease that can strike males and females of all ages. It is an infection that can be spread in different ways and can trigger a load of dangerous and risky symptoms and complications.

Pregnant females are not safe from HIV. They can get infected with this STD if they fail to observe the proper precautionary measures for HIV prevention. They should be educated and informed with accurate information on HIV so that they can effectively protect themselves.

The following are three of the many common myths about pregnant women who are battling with HIV:

1. Pregnant women who have HIV will give birth to babies who also have HIV.

- This is not true. If a pregnant woman with HIV receives treatment promptly, her baby can be spared from this infection.

2. HIV-positive pregnant women need to eat two times more than usual.

- While pregnant women do really have increased appetites, having HIV and appetite increase do not really have a direct link as of the moment.

3. HIV-positive pregnant women should undergo Cesarean section to not pass on the HIV to their babies.

- This is an old belief. Nowadays, with the proper treatment solution, an HIV-positive woman can give birth naturally and not transmit the infection to her newborn.