One of the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases today is an infection called syphilis. It is caused by a bacterium that is spread through unprotected sexual intercourse and pregnant-mother-to-infant transmission.

Get tested as early as you can

If not diagnosed right away, syphilis can bring about all sorts of harm and danger. It can trigger minor symptoms in the beginning and progress to more severe ones if testing and treatment are delayed. So, to avoid putting yourself in such as risky situation, it is urged to undergo syphilis testing at the earliest chance.

Testing at the clinic

There are different ways to test for syphilis. You can go to a medical facility and have a medical professional conduct the test on you. Usually, a swab sample taken from the infected area is necessary for the test. Sometimes, a blood sample is needed so as to look for antibodies that your immune system has released to fight off this STD. 

Using test kits

Now, if you want a more private and secure way of testing for syphilis, you can use a rapid syphilis test kit, which is a device that allows testing for syphilis at home, or wherever you please. It is a portable test kit that is small and handy, so anyone can conduct the test on their own, without the help of a health expert. It is so easy to use and it can generate a highly accurate test result in as fast as 15 minutes.

What to do after testing

Getting a negative result from your syphilis test does not automatically mean that you are free from syphilis. Sometimes, the body has not produced enough antibodies yet to be easily detected during testing. So, medical workers advise getting a syphilis test again three months later. 

If you receive a positive test result, then it is the time that you talk to a medical professional to know what the best treatment solution for your syphilis is. Since it is caused by a bacterium, it can be cured with antibiotics. Today, there are various types of antibiotics to cure syphilis, so make sure to ask for a doctor's prescription to determine what type and dose can effectively treat you.