Syphilis is a sexually-transmitted caused by bacteria. Once it gets inside a person's body, that person is at risk of going through three stages that are accompanied by a variety of signs, symptoms, and complications.

First stage
This is called the primary stage of syphilis and kicks in approximately three weeks after initial exposure to the bacteria. Its symptom is a chancre, the round painless sore that appears on the anus, rectum, genitals, mouth, or some other part where the bacteria entered. It can persist for about a month until it disappears on its own.

Second stage

This is known as the second stage and kicks in about at least two weeks after the chancre appears. It brings about more signs and symptoms, including a sore throat, inflamed lymph glands, headache, fatigue, fever, hair loss, appetite loss, joint and bone pains, and weight loss.

Third stage

This is also called the late stage of syphilis and kicks in at least one year after initial exposure. It brings about a variety of complications such as arthritis, neurosyphilis, cardiovascular syphilis, and other diseases that affect the liver, bones, heart, brain, eyes, and blood vessels.

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