Have some of your reckless and irresponsible activities in the past made you worried these days? Are you scared that you might have contracted something from sleeping with that stranger a few weeks ago? Why not take a deep breath and get yourself tested for STDs! You can order your STD testing kit online and get it done in a matter of minutes.

Why is STD testing important?

Every year, in the United States alone, more than one million gonorrhea and Chlamydia infections are reported. This group is mostly made up of young men and women who need to have a better sense of judgment.

Furthermore, STDs also affect a region’s economy in the sense that medical expenses and costs increase when dealing with these kinds of affairs. In the United States, around $17 billion is set aside every year for this.

If you have an STD and you have not gone through an STD test, you are at significantly high risk of developing other STDs. For example, gonorrhea and Chlamydia patients are more susceptible to contracting HIV if they fail to observe proper precautionary measures.

Failure to get tested for STDs will also prevent you from receiving the appropriate treatment for your STD. There are various kinds of treatment options for different kinds of STDs, except for HIV/AIDS, which, up to now, still has no known cure.

What are the steps in STD home testing?

There are currently home STD test kits available for HIV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and so on. The following are the basic steps that you must do in order to get the testing done:

  1. First, place an order for a home STD testing kit. You can do that using the internet. At the moment, there are numerous websites that offer home STD test kits which can be bought at a reasonable price. Just fill out a form and pay for your order, and wait for the package to be delivered to you in at least three days.
  2. Once you receive the home STD test kit, open it and look for the manual. Carefully read the instructions and take some time to understand how to properly carry out each one of them.
  3. You will need to provide a sample of either your blood, urine, or swab that will be sent to a certified and legitimate laboratory. The package includes some sort of sub-package which you will use once you are ready to send it to the lab.
  4. The lab will examine and analyze the sample. The results should be available online in a few days. You could also probably call the lab and ask for your results.
  5. In case you test positive for an STD, the lab will recommend doctors that can help you with your treatment options. STDs caused by bacteria are usually treated with antibiotics.