People diagnosed with HIV or AIDS usually have a hard time going on with their normal lives not only because of the symptoms and complications caused by the disease but also because of how other people treat them.

Many HIV/AIDS victims have been shunned by their families and friends for some reason. Some have lost their jobs. Others have even gone through violence or abuse. Hopefully, all of these would stop after everyone learns that HIV and AIDS discrimination will not solve anything.

Why do some people discriminate against people with HIV and AIDS?

First of all, since these two are fatal diseases, a lot of people are afraid that they might end up also being in such an unfortunate situation in some way.

There are also the inaccurate information and ideas on how HIV and AIDS are transmitted. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people that think that HIV or AIDS can be contracted just by casual contact, like hugging or shaking hands. Those are not true. You cannot get HIV by sharing a glass or touching a seat!

Since a lot of HIV/AIDS transmission occur among homosexual males, people who do not approve of that "lifestyle" end up just discriminating them. They think it is immoral and against their beliefs or religion, so that is how they see this situation.

It will be a long time before we can completely eliminate all HIV/AIDS discrimination in the world. Hopefully, people will become more open-minded and critical to accept the tested and proven facts about these diseases.

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