The stats are in and the results of the past years of research and study seem to claim that people who are older have a higher chance of getting the HIV virus because it is only natural that people who are older than young people will naturally have a weaker body. This is not because the virus itself seeks out people who are older and it is only a matter of natural selection since people who are older are naturally weaker. This may also mean that a very fit, lean and healthy person aged over forty has a lesser chance of getting the virus when compared to a young person who is only twenty but is very unhealthy and suffers from weight issues.

How to protect yourself from HIV

By living a much more healthier lifestyle and by eating more fruits and vegetables, you are helping your body strengthen its immune system and therefore lessening your chances of being infected with the HIV virus. It is a proven fact that healthier people suffer less from different kinds of diseases and viruses and HIV is no exception. While people may take their health for granted, decisions they make regarding their health and food habits may come back to haunt them when the test results return positive. Make sure to start now by always looking for healthier alternatives in your lifestyle in order to protect yourself from the HIV virus epidemic. It matters not whether you are nineteen or ninety-five, what's important is that you must act as soon as possible in order to help yourself get the protection you need from the virus.

Raising awareness can help more people than finding a cure

Cures would not be needed anymore if more and more people knew about HIV and the complications it could cause if they act carelessly. The important thing is that people must do their part in order to spread HIV awareness and by doing so, helping more and more people be aware and how to help themselves and other people to not spread the disease by living healthier and having a more pleasurable yet safer sex life. Just by letting your family know and their friends know about HIV, you could be potentially starting a chain that could let more and more people know about the virus, lessening its chances of spreading even further.

Inquire and talk with your doctor

Make sure to always keep in touch with your doctor as he or she can give you not only cures to the virus if you happen to have HIV but better and healthier alternatives in your lifestyle that can not only strengthen your body but your immune system as well in order to fight away the virus if you don't have it or by fighting the virus inside your body therefore slowing it down to the point that it becomes harmless if you have it right now. Always remember that there are always many different ways where you can fight HIV whether or not you have it.