The statistics about HIV virus in the USA are still steady, and that means that a lot of effort needs to be put in the campaigns for raising awareness and educating people about the consequences of the disease. By steady, we mean for example, that in 2009, more people aged over 12 have been infected with the virus in the USA, than the ones in Africa. We are still standing in one place, at least in America. There are a lot of people living with AIDS, and the campaigns didn’t succeed in lowering those numbers.

Reading the Statistics and Understanding Their Meaning

Campaigns raising awareness about AIDS/HIV and strict needle exchange programs did well in terms of a number of infected people. There are not many of them dying from the disease, but there is still an alarming amount of people who get infected by the virus. Other statistics say that more than a million people today live with AIDS in the USA and that up to 2008, there were not that many people who became infected through the intravenous exchange of the virus. Also, the prevention of AIDS included regular testing, especially with pregnant women, which reduced the risks of transmitting the virus from mother to child. 

Who Are the Most Common Victims of HIV?

Men are still the most common victims of HIV virus in America. Over 50% of males got infected through sexual contact with other men, about 10% through intravenous drug use, and only 30% got infected in heterosexual contacts. Interestingly enough, there is an increase of the infection in black and Latino communities, which is probably because of the lack of access to public healthcare. 

Comparing the USA with the Rest of the World

USA has a lower rate of people infected with HIV, up to one and a half million, as opposed to Africa, where there are still around 22 million infected, and around four million infected in Southeast of Asia, but it is still much higher than for example, in Europe in general, which has about 730,000 infected overall. In countries that are not that developed, AIDS attacks mostly women and children, and it continues to grow, because of lack of medical help, bad diet and hygiene, and untreated genital wounds.

Understanding HIV

The successful treatment of HIV/AIDS has a lot to do with the so-called unsafe sex issue. Statistics say that over 40% of men didn’t use condoms while having sex, which is still alarming, but America has come a long way in building HIV awareness. Also, it is important to encourage people to get tested regularly.

Numerous Strategies to Put a Stop to HIV and AIDS

As we already mentioned, HIV treatment should be accessible to everyone through public healthcare, especially for people who don’t have health insurance. Other strategies include a more constant use of tests, more information about using protection and practicing safe sex, especially among teenage population, and making the needle exchange programs more accessible. The issue that has been raising panic for a long time now suffers from an overload of messages about its seriousness. Even though progress has been made regarding the issue of HIV/AIDS, there is still a lot of people living with the virus in America, which means that an additional effort has to be made in order to change that.