A lot of teenagers and young people contract the sexually-transmitted disease because they are unaware of how they can effectively protect themselves against these infections. 

Even though it has been said over and over again that using protection is a good way to prevent STDs, many of them might be uncomfortable to purchase condoms. 

The younger generation usually tends to be careless and do not really think about the consequences of their actions, as long as they are having fun and completely satisfied. They are easy-going, unrestrainable, enjoying their lives to the fullest without contemplating the implications or repercussions of their behavior.

Contraceptive pills

Another reason is that young adults consider taking contraceptive pills as being able to do a miracle in stopping STD infections. Condoms are not 100% surefire way to be infection-free. Taking pills is also no good in defending one from these diseases. As a matter of fact, the only assistance that pills can give is to keep one from being pregnant, and that is simply it. Contraceptives and STDs have no association and link in anyway whatsoever.

Stopping the spread of STDs

To effectively help stop the spread of STDs among teens and young people, appropriate info and awareness are key. They have to be kept up to date of what might happen to them if they get contaminated. This way, they could make better decisions before having intercourse with other people. STD is a delicate and serious matter. These young ones should be educated and supervised by adults to enable them to overcome the troubles of being afflicted with STDs. This is when the functions of the parents are most called for. They must be the ones who present adequate information about STDs. Their parents should be there to support them throughout the testing and treatment.