Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease typically known as the clap. It is a well-known STD which hits around one million men and women annually in the States.

Health complications caused by Gonorrhea

Men and women can be afflicted. Yet somehow, guys have a tendency to exhibit clear warning signs of the sickness. If you feel that you are affected or might possibly have been experiencing gonorrhea, it is important to get tested without delay, particularly if you already exhibit warning signs. Extended subjection to the disease might result in a number of different medical problems such as epididymitis in males and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in ladies.

 Testing for Gonorrhea

Ask for advice from your health care professional immediately if you feel you may have gonorrhea, or if you are going through some of its symptoms. Simple tests can determine if you are affected. The earlier you get cured, the better. Then again, despite the fact that gonorrhea treatment options are usually effective, it can not overturn or mend any specific damage in your reproductive organs brought on by the ailment. Therefore go and visit your health care specialist at an STD clinic right away to properly diagnose this disorder.

The healthcare provider starts the exam by questioning about your previous medical history and information about the difficulties that you are experiencing. Make sure you determine the symptoms in depth and distinctly to ensure that the health specialist can make an approximation about the amount of time you have been afflicted. A medical expert will also perform a physical exam and utilizing this, will hunt for any sort of signs of infection such as fever, emission from the vagina or penis, and soreness of the vagina and penis.

 Treating Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is treatable with the aid of antibiotics. In case you are positive for gonorrheal infection, acquire treatment straight away. Treatment involves taking antibiotic prescription drugs or by an injection. A dosage is normally adequate but some antibiotics need to be taken in a longer interval. Conventional antibiotics advised to victims are Ceftriaxone, Ofloxacin, and Cefixime.

Make sure that you take all of the prescription medications even if you are not experiencing any specific warning signs. It is very important to stay away from any specific sexual activity unless you have established and tested that you are not struggling with the disease. For anyone who is positive for gonorrhea, you sexual buddy has to be tested to refrain from the spread of infection and likely difficulties.