One common method to transmit HIV is by way of blood. In case you obtain a blood transfusion and the blood made use of is HIV positive, the viral strain will very quickly seek its way to your internal systems.
The use of needles and other apparatus already employed by a patient will also end in the transmission of the viral strain to you. On top of that, even the unborn and infants can get the malady through their mommies. A pregnant woman who is battling with HIV can transfer the virus to the baby in her womb through the placenta during the sharing of food and minerals. A mother affected with the virus will also transfer the virus the instant she breastfeeds her baby.

The minute you feel that you have acquired HIV, you ought to start questioning yourself where you can get tested. The infection has a number of symptoms that you must be familiar with to be able to determine whether the time has come to pay a visit to a doctor. Medical practitioners can help test HIV in sufferers, and they are available for advice and inform.

There are many HIV treatment centers in all parts of the planet these days so that people can have ease of access to them. An HIV test makes use of the HIV antibody detection technique to locate evidences of HIV antibodies in the bloodstream.

The thing is that, the instant the immune system recognizes a foreign organism that threatens to cause damage inside the body; it performs by issuing antibodies to deal with these outsiders. A sufficient number of HIV antibodies are what the test requires for it to verify if a patient is HIV positive or not. It could take two or three weeks to a few weeks for the results to become available.

No matter what the result may be, you have to abstain from having sexual relations and employ self-control until the individual is totally cleared of the infection. The complications that arise from being affected with HIV are numerous, so we need to discover ways to practice safe sex all the time.

Getting an HIV exam on a regular basis will also contribute to assessing where our health and wellbeing stands. Become aware of its harmful effects and help convey the word about how to avoid it and terminate its spread so that you can spare other people from HIV’s risks.