The number of people getting infected with sexually-transmitted diseases continues to increase each year so everyone is encouraged to undergo STD testing to identify any STD in the early stages. 

STDs can be very dangerous and harmful so there is not any good reason to delay and not work instantly to get rid of them.
Nowadays, the most common means of STD testing need blood, urine, or swab samples from the patient. Those samples will be able to show if an individual has the virus or bacterium that has brought on the infection.

Since males and females are anatomically different, it only makes sense that in some cases, gender-specific STD tests are implemented.

STD testing in females

In females, STD testing would usually need a blood sample. Those that have AIDS, gonorrhea, HIV, genital herpes, Chlamydia typically go through this route.

In some cases, swab samples are taken from an infected body part. For those with pelvic inflammatory disease or bacterial vaginosis, samples of the vaginal discharge are commonly extracted. Therefore, the swabbing technique is what needs to be done in order to effectively test and diagnose the affected person. Some other STD tests that utilize this technique are Chlamydia tests, syphilis tests, gonorrhea tests, scabies test, and HPV tests.

STD testing in men

In males, first time STD testers are required to provide a urine sample. The ones with Chlamydia, gonorrhea, or some other STD are requested to provide a fresh urine sample to the laboratory for examination and analysis.

Swab tests for males are also available in some cases. Male syphilis patients are generally required to undergo this kind of STD testing. Furthermore, blood tests are performed on males who are potential victims of hepatitis, syphilis, genital herpes, HIV, or AIDS. Those with Human Papillomavirus and genital warts may have to provide a small sample of infected skin for evaluation and screening.

It really is important that people undergo STD testing on a regular basis to protect themselves. In this manner, if they are STD positive, they can seek the most effective treatment for the STD at the earliest opportunity.