It is celebration time when you find the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, but it doesn’t really bear thinking about if that person has an STD, would love be enough to have intimate relations with them when you know you too could end up catching the STD as well?

Dangerous STD

If you already are aware that your partner has an STD infection and it can be successfully treated well that is great news, but if they are not aware then the consequences for you both can be far-reaching in its effect.


The most dangerous of STDs you could catch from your loved one could be, HIV or AIDS. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), if treatment is not sought it can then turn into AIDS or even Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome both of these are a very serious and life-threatening illness. It is these infectious bacteria which will wreak havoc on your immune system and also other organs which will then go on to you having an early death. 

The stigma of infection

Due to the fatal nature of HIV any drug treatment can come at a huge cost, and also as an infected person you will be liable to becoming very stereotyped as you will, unfortunately, be looked upon as someone who has had many gay relationships and not used the required protection to avert you getting the virus, this virus can at the moment not be cured so it will be around whatever you do for the length of your lifetime, and therefore treatment will always be ongoing.

Through research it has been found that the families who have a member who has AIDS will struggle to communicate and support them, a big part of this though is down to sheer ignorance when both family and friends have not got the information that they need to educate them on ways to both help the AIDS sufferer and guard themselves against being exposed to the virus also. Education and the onset of new drug therapy have helped immensely from a time in the 80s and 90s when it was an almost surety that those who had the virus would have an automatic death sentence hanging over their heads. 

Unfortunately, both the stigma of having the AIDS virus and the knowing that there were no drugs which could help alieve the symptoms would have the effect on the person of causing them to become very depressed with a lot of the symptoms and how they are treated by the public. Drugs are more advanced now but there is still a high level of depression that comes with having the AIDs virus.

At this present time, there is still no cure for AIDs, although medical advances are being made constantly in the fight to cure it. This does help to give sufferers a much better quality of life now for longer as scientists know so much more about how to treat it.

Because of AIDs being completely incurable it will always be classed as the most dangerous STD present in our society.