Probably the greatest thing that can endanger our immune system is a disease known as HIV. HIV is caused by a virus that strikes a person’s immune system, rendering him or her weak and incapacitated after some time.

Transmission Of HIV

There are various ways to transmit the HIV infection. A few of the most common ones are sharing needles with an HIV-infected person, sex with an HIV patient, transfusion of HIV-contaminated blood, and an HIV-positive mother to her kid.

Symptoms Of HIV

An individual may suffer from minor warning signs of HIV in the beginning, and one of these symptoms is the flu. Many people may just disregard it and consider it as nothing serious, so they simply end up forgetting about it and discover that they are afflicted with something critical when it is already far too late. Because of this medical experts encourage everyone to undertake an HIV screening test on a regular basis.

HIV Diagnosis and Testing

Being able to diagnose HIV early on will prevent a person from plenty of hazardous damages from HIV or AIDS. Those who are infected with any existing sexually-transmitted disease or STD, people who use needles when consuming drugs, people that have had unprotected sexual intercourse, people who slept with sexually-active homosexual guys, and those with an HIV-positive sexual mate are requested to take the test.

There are several strategies for HIV screening. Urine, blood, or swab samples may be used for analysis. The reason for the test is not to sense the presence of HIV itself, but to make sure there are traces of HIV antibodies discharged by the immune system to combat the virus.

HIV Complications

Failure to test and diagnose HIV may lead to AIDS. AIDS is connected with HIV with regards to the infections, indications, signs, cancers, and other complications prevalent to the two.

In order to effectively protect yourself from HIV, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, you need to learn to follow safe sex. Furthermore, the ones that presently participate in doing the deed with numerous partners have a greater likelihood of getting infected. It is very vital that you get you and your partners tested to be able to visit a doctor instantly and undertake treatment right away.