Sexually transmitted diseases are among these diseases that do not really make their presence known once they infect people. Some of them have an incubation period that may last for several months or years. The only way to know if someone has them is by undergoing an STD test.

STD tests are important in order to determine whether a person has STD or not. These STD tests are conducted in many different ways and in various venues. Everybody is actually encouraged to get tested for STDs at least once in their lives so as to protect themselves from various complications.

How are STD tests conducted?

There are many ways to conduct an STD test. Some require the blood sample of a patient, and doctors use that blood sample to trace for traces of the virus or bacteria that caused the infection. This is probably the most common way of conducting STD tests as blood is recognized as a very reliable specimen when it comes to checking for the existence of foreign and harmful particles that have found their way into the body.

Other ways of conducting STD tests are by using a urine sample, saliva sample, and swabs.

Where can you get an STD test?

STD clinics or health centers are the most common venues for STD testing. These medical facilities are equipped with the right kind of tools and materials to efficiently diagnose a patient.

If you want to get tested for STD, you should go to the nearest health center in your area.

Alternatively, you can also buy STD test kits which allow people to conduct an STD test in the comfort of their own homes or anywhere outside a medical facility. These home STD test kits are convenient and easy to use and they are generally cheaper than the usual STD testing done in clinics or hospitals.

When can you get the results?

If you got tested for STDs in a hospital or clinic, it may take a few days to a few weeks for the results to available. If you used a home STD test kit, the results will usually be available in less than 30 minutes.