Some HIV facts

There are millions of people today that are suffering from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. This disease is one of the most notorious since it can trigger a variety of serious symptoms and cause severe complications.

    • Cause - HIV is caused by a virus that can easily get into a person's body and replicate itself to do more destruction.
    • Transmission - HIV is transmitted usually through sexual contact. So, if you engage in unprotected sex, whether anal, vaginal, or oral, with someone who is HIV positive, then you are also likely to contract the infection.
    • Symptoms - HIV may not trigger any symptom early one, but when it does, it can cause rashes, fever, night sweats, sore throat, and headaches. These signs are not very distinctive, so a lot of people end up thinking that they are infected with something minor such as an ordinary cold or flu.
    • Testing - HIV testing is usually done via a blood test. Patients are asked to provide blood samples so the lab can examine them and find traces of HIV and HIV antibodies.
    • Treatment - HIV treatment is very crucial. If a patient fails to get tested and treated early on, he or she is at great risk of suffering from very severe and serious complications. So, get HIV tested promptly to receive treatment right away.

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