HIV is known to cause many kinds of symptoms and complications that can wear a person's body out. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that strikes the immune system. When that happens, anyone who has the virus becomes weak and unable to fight off the foreign viruses and bacteria that threaten to harm and do more damage to the body.

Testing for HIV early on

For these reasons, it is necessary to know right away if you have HIV, and that can be done by getting an HIV test. HIV testing is a method that can detect the virus and diagnose anyone with HIV. It can be done in various ways, in a laboratory, in a medical clinic, in a hospital, or at home.

Those that test positive for HIV have to receive the right kind of treatment right away. Today, HIV patients are given antiretroviral drugs to slow down the attack of the virus. This helps them to not deteriorate right away and gives them more time to live their lives.

Dealing with HIV

Just recently, some doctors in San Francisco pushed for allowing HIV patients to get HIV treatment the same day they get tested positive for HIV. According to them, this helps patients a lot. Doing these actions will help control the spread of the virus, and prevent the transmission from the patient to other people.

With around 16,000 HIV positive men and women in San Francisco alone, there is no doubt that everyone is trying to do their best to minimize this number and take control of the entire situation.

HIV treatment has to be administered at the earliest opportunity. But before that, people must be tested and diagnosed with the disease first, and that can be done with the use of HIV rapid screen test kits which are available from STD Rapid Test Kits. Buy your own HIV rapid screen test kit that is fast, safe, and easy to use.