You are very likely to contract Chlamydia if you are getting it on with several partners. No one is spared from this health problem: guys, ladies, gays, and lesbians are all just as in danger. The one and certain thing to not get being affected by it are via abstinence.

How chlamydia is spread

Any person can be affected with Chlamydia in many easy ways. This kind of sexually-transmitted disease can be transmitted from someone to another due to anal, vaginal, and oral sex. An afflicted pregnant lady can give it to her kid upon going through vaginal birth.
Stats show that two-thirds of people with Chlamydia are unaware that they have the ailment. How come this happens? Simply because Chlamydia does not constantly exhibit evident symptoms. It is detrimental to the female reproductive system and can result in infertility. If you believe that you have got it, or if you know a person who could or has it, pay a visit to a medical doctor without delay.

Testing for Chlamydia

For quite some time, health specialists have invested considerable time and money looking for ways to successfully and precisely detect and test Chlamydia.

The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT is considered the most widely-used and foolproof testing process that physicians make use of at present. It looks at the DNA of the sufferer really carefully to sense more accurately what is moving into the patient’s body. It utilizes pretty advanced equipment and apparatus that can look at microorganisms not apparent with the naked eye.

One other method intended for Chlamydia testing is named the direct fluorescent antibody stain. It functions by looking to get the Chlamydia antigens, compounds that result in the release of antibodies that will counteract and execute them.

The technique referred to as DNA probe is also among the more common ones, and it locates remnants of the Chlamydia DNA within the body. Even so, it is not as good as the NAAT.

Home test kits

You will discover home test kits easily obtainable in numerous drug stores and health hospitals at this moment. You can use them to see whether you are infected with Chlamydia, in your home, in your own special time. It is absolutely not as effective as the other approaches, but it is sufficiently good to alert you if you certainly have the health problem or not.

When you obtain your test results, prepare yourself on how to proceed next. Acquiring a negative implies you do not have the sickness. But as a safety measure, try all you can to sustain a healthy daily life here on out. Alternatively, if you get a positive test result, communicate with your doctor and take notice of what he or she wants you to accomplish next. The Chlamydia treatment methods will likely begin with you taking antibiotics until all of the signs or symptoms and traces of it have disappeared.

Undiagnosed and neglected Chlamydia is really hazardous. It makes a person highly susceptible to get infected with other STDs, and HIV. Both males and females are at risk from it so all must be mindful of their health habits.